Beginning December 1st, the General Mother Marcelina and her assistant Sr. Antonia stopped by and stayed until December 16th. In Huntington, they were welcomed by the Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict as they came to discuss the organization’s overarching mission of prayer and work (Ora Et Labora). All meetings were held as an overall strategy to ameliorate systemic conditions and enhance service models that serve as a “lighthouse” for guidance with a “light” that never dims.

For many are called, but few are chosen.- Matthew 22:14

Under the supervision of General Mother Marcelina, the Sisters of St. Benedict remain strong with 23 houses positioned throughout the world to spread the light of love. We are grateful for her guidance and dedication to ensure that the organization’s 300+ sisters fulfill God’s calling and the vision of its’ foundress, Mother Jadwiga Josepha Kulesza.